La’akea Children

Currently the children at La’akea Community attend the Malamalama Waldorf School. We have been fortunate that their teacher is a very experienced Waldorf teacher who raised her children much the same as our kids are being raised here – off the grid and supported by friends, family and nature.

The Waldorf School is a private school, which allows them to focus on the whole child and their natural development patterns. Charter schools and public schools are mandated to condition the kids towards a test. Since Malamalama Waldorf School is not publicly funded, they are dependent on enrollment and supportive individuals. Tuition costs over $7,000/year. Each year so far, we have been able to collect enough from among our close-in and far-flung community of support to make it work! Each fall, in order to continue at the same school, we need your help, if you are able and willing. You could make a one-time donation like $20, $50, $100, $500 or $1000. OR sign up for a monthly commitment. Please accept our gratitude in advance. We thank you for sharing your abundance.

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