Farm Support application

Please read our Farm Supporters Program page before applying.

If you are ready to apply, fill out and submit the form below as honestly and completely as possible.

Phone number
Date of birth
Where did you learn about La'akea?
Why would you like to come to La’akea?
How long do you want to be here, and when do you want to arrive?
What skills/experience do you have that would be helpful to La’akea? ?
Specifically, what is your experience with gardening, landscaping, building, carpentry, farming, working with animals, computer work, auto mechanic, living off the grid? Please mention other skills you think we would find valuable.
Describe your educational background
Read our vision statement. Which parts do you resonate with? Which parts do you have questions/concerns about?
What do you know about intentional communities? How do you feel about living in an intentional community?
What are some of the challenges you would anticipate living in community?
What’s one quality about you that others might find difficult to live with?
Describe a challenging time in your life and how you responded.
Do you have any physical, emotional or mental health issues that would impact your ability to contribute to life at La’akea?
What is your relationship with alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs (we hold this info confidential)?
What is your experience with rustic living; camping; tropical environments?
We have young children in our community. What is your experience being around children? Taking care of children?
What is your experience with leadership, self-starting, project management and completion?
Please provide two work references, including email addresses.
Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share so we have a better understanding of who you are?
If you have additional questions please enter them here:
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