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Imagine exploring permaculture, sustainability & intentional community in Hawai’i!

Watch our videos of former interns sharing their experiences and an introduction to our permaculture classes, and read the Live and Learn Here page for our introductory information.

La’akea Community is a cooperatively-owned intentional community on the big island of Hawai’i. Our farm practices tropical permaculture and devotes special attention to the oft-neglected social dimension of sustainability:  how to live together.

Our internship program increases the focus on learning beyond what you would get as a farm supporter.  Participants will enjoy workshops on permaculture and on communication, interpersonal and community living skills. This is in addition to your daily participation in community life and hands-on immersion in permaculture modalities.

Interns will be given tasks related to sustainable food/fiber production (tropical fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, animal systems, coconut tree climbing and harvesting, bamboo and other timber crops, and local food preparation).

We have classes in non-violent communication, co-counseling and other modalities that increase emotional awareness and provide tools for relationships and community living. We are interested in sharing what we know – helping to educate through experiential learning.

Our internships run two times a year; summer, and Fall.

Summer 2015: June 1-June 29

Fall/Winter 2015: Oct 21st- Nov 18th

Adventure to nearby beaches, snorkel among coral reefs, explore geothermal steam vents and caves, and visit other permaculture farms. There will be two organized field trips in addition to self-initiated explorations.

The fee is $750, which includes all classes and supplies all the delicious food, mostly organic and from the land, and incidentals.

Housing: Tarp covered camping (byo tent and sleeping bag/pad) or shared accommodation in one of our screen-sided, tarp-roofed Quonset huts (byo linens/bedding)

1) Work Time: Twenty hours of work on the farm each week is also expected. We love people who love to work!  We work together in work parties for maximum fun and learning.

2) Our food policy includes access to any food in the kitchen and on the land unless otherwise marked. It also covers energy/utility consumption, and other incidentals.

3) We have wireless internet at La’akea.  If you bring your own laptop and want to hook into our wireless system, there is a $10/month fee payable at the beginning of your stay. (We are on a satellite with limited bandwith, so no large uploading please!).

4) Airport Shuttle: If you are arriving and departing from Hilo airport, we are happy to arrange a shuttle for you. The fee is $30 for each one way trip to cover costs.  This fee can be shared with other arriving guests.

5) Cook Shifts: Everyone (members and farm supporters) contributes to the preparation and clean-up of two dinners per week. Breakfast and lunch you prepare for yourself. This is included in your 20 hours.

6) Everyone participates in a weekly cleaning party to keep things tidy.

7) There is a weekly evening Heart Sharing Meeting to get to know each other better, and resolve any interpersonal issues. This meeting is often open to interns and is encouraged, but not required.

8) A community member will serve as your Liaison during your stay, to orient you, and help you integrate into community life.

The program is limited to ten individuals.

See an Internship sample calendar to get an idea of our typical internship schedule of activities.

Past interns share their experiences:

“Great experience! The most valuable thing I took away was all the positive additions to my healthy communication toolbox and the month long community experience!” -Nicole, Winter 2012

“I have grown personally as much or more in my one month at La’akea as I did in my 4 1/2 years of college.”  Kayla Hulsey, Summer 2011

“My experience at La’akea taught me not only how to survive off the grid, but how to engage more with my peers for truly meaningful relationships. I found it fascinating, enlightening, and very magical. What a beautiful place and amazing group of people to have worked with. I can’t wait to come back.”  Allie Hubert, Summer 2011

“Please know that my experience with you all has been a great point of reflection and continual transformation…Mahalo again for everything…”  Kevin, 2010

“I’d recommend it to a million and a half people.” – Lee, summer ’08

The program was a “conscious learning environment” – Roberto, summer ’08

“This is more than I ever dreamed of….” – Ann, fall ’08

“I came here to learn about growing things, and what I really learned about was growing people.” – Emily ’09

If you are ready to apply, go to our Internship application.

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