Tracy Matfin



  • Permaculture & Community Design
  • Heart Centered Communication
  • Self-Love & Emotional Sovereignty

“Tracy is an extraordinary resource for learning tools for communicating and creating community. She shares a wealth of wisdom with grounded clarity! I feel so blessed that my family and I have been able to learn from her, the tools we gathered will be valuable skills for life!” – Catherine Lightfoot 

“Tracy is amazing! She is helping the world move forward into a new age of concious communication and building the strong community we need to survive and thrive! These tools can be applied to the work place, community and families. It is essential and I believe everybody on the planet can benefit.” – Phillip Martin

Creating Community: Within Ourselves and With Others

The workshop engages participants with activities centered around connection. Connection with self and with others plays an essential role in authentic relationships, building trust and creating environments for clear communication and personal growth. The topics covered are:

  • – Peer Counseling as taught to me by Amara Karuna
  • – Boundaries: How to say “Yes” and “No”
  • – Compassionate Communication from Marshall Rosenberg
  • – Forum from ZEGG Community in German
  • – Huna, a Hawaiian Philosophy, as taught to me by Stewart Blackburn
  • – Healing from Within including the Skills of Pleasure, as taught to me by Stewart Blackburn
  • – Manifesting Your Reality, as taught to me by Stewart Blackburn

These practices assist individuals in better understanding themselves and each other, increasing emotional sovereignty. The series of classes is an introduction to tools and techniques which help individuals create community. This work is best done in a Safe Container. This means participants must attend the first class.

“A deep dive into so many personal and community building modalities and the process does create real community within the group for sure! I would definitely recommend this course!” – Lynne Bloom-Deutsch

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