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Residential Learning Opportunities at La’akea Community

La’akea hosts classes, events and tours. We have farm support positions available.

For short term visits and tours, please see Visiting Us.

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“It was a great experience for me all in all, and the new perspectives I gained are now a part of everyday life”
– Heather Coad, winter 2012

Part of the vision at La’akea is to provide opportunities for people to come to La’akea; to spread the experience of living in an intentional community, to educate about permaculture, and to share personal development skills. In exchange, we receive the benefit of additional labor, outside perspective and new friends.

“Your community truly inspired me—the diversity, the acceptance and the celebration of life’s opportunities. Thank you so much for welcoming me as a farm supporter — and as a friend.”
– Carolyn, spring 2011
I had a great time at La’akea and I hope to return in the next year or two as a visitor, this time with my wife Ann. She tells me I talk so much about my time there, I must have found my “tribe.” Only Time will tell for sure but it has had a great impact on my life. Thanks to you and everyone at La’akea, including the “work traitors”, members, visitors, and trial members. Peace, Bill

WWOOFers are welcome – we offer our farm support program for those interested in a WWOOFing type of experience. Farm supporters contribute financially to the expenses of food and utilities, and share in our community food and meals, because we still purchase many basic food and material goods. We have a low labor contribution requirement, only 14 hours per week of farm support, so you have a lot of free time to enjoy the beauty of Hawai’i.

We are open to volunteers from overseas.  Please contact us for information.

“Thank you for opening your home, your kitchen and your hearts to us the last few weeks. We are so thankful to have had the time and space to share in this piece of paradise. You have inspired us greatly!  Thank you…” – Paul and Brittney
 “I learned so much more than just about permaculture.” – Marta, summer 2008

We would like you to know about life in this part of Hawai’i to help you decide if La’akea would be the right place for you.

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Temperatures range up to the 80’s during the day and the 60’s at night. We are located in the sub-tropical rain forest. It is both a magical and wild place. We receive approx. 150 inches of rain a year, which makes it very green and lush, as well as moldy and mildewy.

We are situated at 1200 ft. elevation, which means it is cooler in the morning and evenings (65 degrees or so in winter months) than at sea level. We live close to nature, and share the land with ants, mice, rats, mongeese, feral pigs, night-chirping coqui frogs, and yes, mosquitoes. There are also butterflies, and many cats!

We love this property – its fertility and abundance, the gentle light and mist, the arching double rainbows, and the warm sunny days that shine on us. We live “off the grid,” and rely on solar energy and water catchment. That means we have electricity and potable water in our main house, but none in most of our accommodations.

See an introductory video HERE


June 2011 interns

Summer interns

“It’s not just fruit and vegetables we’re cultivating here. It is so much more…. so amazing!” – Mandi, 2008
“During my stay at La’akea I gorged myself on the bountiful nectars of life. Pele was very kind to me and the punaverse took care of me. Thank you all. Puede vita!!!” – Matt Gubelmann, New Jersey, 2005
“This is a sacred space where we can witness the co-evolution of human beings.” – Mateo Tryllium, Hawaii, 2005
“I will begin by saying mahalo (thanks), can’t begin to explain everything I have learned and how I have grown.” – Laura Schmidt, 2005
“I truly believe I have been able to redirect my path to a more focused humanitarian based life mission with your guys help.” – Mitch, 2006
“I enjoyed putting work and energy into this land, and harvesting the fruits and food of other people’s labor. To plant seeds and trees that will grow into the future. Making friends that will remain in my heart and mind forever. Getting down to the earth, dirt, sweat and blood; this island is full of fun!” – Isa, 2006

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