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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How is La’akea Community different from La’akea Permaculture Gardens?

The Community at La’akea formed in 2005 to create a community where people could live simply, focusing on ecological and personal health, interpersonal communication and emotional growth, spiritual awareness, and cooperative economics. While we have an educational mission to teach permaculture, we are focused on creating a stable, self-sufficient community. For more history, see our Articles page.

What is permaculture? Permaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison to describe integrated systems of buildings, energy, water, and agriculture that are sustainable. More info on permaculture can be found on the What Is Permaculture page.

Can I visit La’akea? Yes, we offer tours (and ask for a donation to cover the time of the tour guide) and often have work parties and other events at which visitors are welcome. Email is the best way to contact us, and please contact before you visit. Our phone number is 808-443-4076. Call any time of day or night. For details see Visiting Us.

How is life different at La’akea than on the mainland? We live off the grid which means that we conserve energy and water usage. We have hot showers but encourage people to shower in the afternoon when we have solar heated water. We have limited cell phone reception in some areas of the land and no land line, so phone calls are expensive during peak times.

We have internet service through a satellite connection with limited bandwidth for non-community uses. We are clothing-optional as the sub-tropical climate supports that possibility. Some people choose to remain on community land for days at a time, meeting food, work, exercise, and social needs within the community. Many of us spend more of our time in the great outdoors and in community buildings such as our Main House, and less time in our personal dwellings.

What about drugs and alcohol? We discourage the use of drugs and alcohol as they can interfere with personal growth, emotional development and connection, and community building.

What is the connection between La’akea Community and Network for New Culture (NFNC)? Many members of La’akea have attended NFNC summer camp and La’akea will host a NFNC winter camp. While there is no legal relationship, there are bonds of friendship and a shared commitment of similar values between NFNC and La’akea. You can check out NFNC at www.nfnc.org

How would I become a member of La’akea Community? People interested in becoming members of La’akea Community are encouraged to read our vision statement and then to communicate with us about themselves. We have a process where potential members live here for several months before a decision about membership is made. Find more information about our membership process here.

Contact us at 808-443-4076 or email.

Would you like to get our monthly newsletter about our events?  Just fill out this simple form to be on our mailing list.  We never trade our lists.

How can I support La’akea and the teaching programs you offer, even though I am not nearby?

If you would like to support our educational permaculture programs with any size donation, we will be very grateful and use it well!  We would love to expand our programs to reach many more people, and want to build more temporary housing for our guests and students.  Simply log in to your Paypal account, click on the “Send money” tab at the top, and enter our email info@permaculture-hawaii.com, and the amount. If you want to make a donation over $25 and have it be tax deductible, we can provide that option also if you email us.

Answers to many other questions may be found in our vision statement.

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