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Consensed 12/29/07

Member Management:  Rights, Powers, and Duties

Management. Decisions regarding the operation of La’akea Community LLC will be made by the Members.  The duties of the Members may be divided or shared among them. Though each Member shall have the authority to act individually, all Members shall consult with one another, and shall obtain the required approval, prior to taking any action on behalf of the La’akea Community LLC.

Meetings. Meetings of the Members shall be held weekly or at least every month.  Additional meetings may be called at any time by any Member, the Member calling the meeting shall give verbal or written notice of the meeting date, time, place, and purpose to all Members at least 10 days in advance.

Membership Categories, Rights and Duties

Supporting Member –  a person who contributes $1 or more to the La’akea Community LLC, and signs the Release/Supporting Member Form.

Prospective Members – anyone who expresses an interest in becoming a Member.  They spend time with us, with the consideration of becoming a Trial Member.

Trial Member – a Prospective Member who has been accepted as a Trial Member by the Community and is in the process of becoming a Member as delineated in the Membership Process Agreement.  Trial Members sign a Trial Member Agreement with the La’akea Community LLC, live on the land, and fully participate in meetings and decision making process.  Trial Members cannot block consensus decisions.

Member – a Member who has completed the process as delineated in the Membership Process Agreement.  The Member has completed their buy-in or is in the process of making payments toward their buy in.  Members pay a monthly food and utility stipend in addition to any community assessments.   Members are expected to attend all meetings.

Absentee Member – Any Member who does not reside on the property is an Absentee Member.  An Absentee Member is encouraged to stay in close communication with Members, especially with their designated community liaison.   An Absentee Member shall have no right to vote in any matter relating to the operation or the La’akea Community LLC.  Absentee members will be apprised at least four weeks prior to selling any land or facility, admitting a new Member to the Community, removing a Member, issuance of debt or capital improvement expenditures over $5,000 in a one month period.

Inactive Members – Any Member, who for reasons other than death, has failed to make, within 90 days after the prescribed date, payments toward their buy in, or food and utility payments.  An Inactive Member is not entitled to participate in the decision making process.  Inactive Members can only be reinstated by consensus of Members, after making full payment of debt.

Other documents relevant to potential members:

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Decision Making Process

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