Membership Process

1/3/08 Consensed

The following is the La’akea Community process for accepting new members.

Prospective Members and the Community will get to know each other through the farm supporter program or other activities.  A Prospective Member can request to be a Trial Member at any time.  Members of the La’akea Community will decide by consensus if this person is desired as a Trial Member.

Trial Membership:
– May last up to one year.
– Is evaluated every four months.
– Trial Members will fully participate in meetings, but are unable to block decisions.
– Trial Members are expected to participate in the weekly work routine and generally immerse themselves in life at La’akea.
– Trial Members and Members will give regular feedback to each other on how they are feeling about living together.  Any conflicts that emerge will be addressed.  Open and honest communication is sought.
– Once a Trial Member asks to be considered for membership the community will make a decision within 6 weeks.

An agreement will be formed containing the following:
– A date on which the Trial Membership will begin.
– Fee schedule including rent, food, utilities, and payment dates.
– Where the Trial Member will reside.
– Who the liaison is.
–  The date when the Trial Membership will be concluded or extended.

If a Member becomes clear that they no longer want an individual to be a Trial Member:
– In the first four months it takes consensus minus one to terminate the Trial Membership. (This lends some security to Trial Members and encourages members to resolve conflicts).
– Beyond four months, two Members can call for the termination of the Trial Membership, at which point the Trial Membership ends.
– La’akea will give thirty days notice to the departing Trial Member.
– In extreme cases, such as violence, a Member can petition the community for an exception and ask for immediate eviction.

To become a member of La’akea, a Trial Member must be approved by consensus of all Members.  The membership agreement will contain the following:
– Amount of “Buy-in” fee and date of payment/s.
– A plan as to where the new member will reside and an agreement on any fees.  If the new member is purchasing a house, full payment or schedule of payments will be included.
– A house site and plan, if the member is planning on building a home imminently
–  A schedule of current community fees and payment dates.
The new member will be added to any and all legal documents which make them full legal members/owners of the La’akea land and La’akea LLC.

A member may end her/his membership by written notification. The consensus body also has the power to end membership by completing a process that leads to 75% or more of members voting to end a person’s  membership.

Other documents relevant to potential members:

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