Services & Businesses

La’akea Community LLC operates businesses that support our community, our members, and our vision of a more sustainable world.

La’akea hosts conferences, events and has hosted one-month permaculture internships, and it has available farm support positions.

We are also available for 2-4 hour tours of our land a facilities for groups who would like an introduction to what we do.

Members are available for hire to teach classes in permaculture, community living skills, consensus, edible landscaping, etc at other schools and locations.  Please inquire if you are interested in a private tour or in hiring a teacher.

Here is a comment from a tour we gave to group of young adults:

“You allowing us you spend a few hours with you has opened up our eyes to many new aspects of geography that we had not considered before. The wealth of knowledge you each hold is incredible, and for that we are so grateful that you were able to share so much about your land.”

La’akea Permaculture Services and Nursery: La’akea is blessed with a diversity of edible, useful,medicinal, and native plants. We operate a nursery to add plants to our land, as well as plants for local sale and trade.

We offer permaculture-based landscape services for both residential and non-residential properties.  We can help you create a permaculture design for your land, and give classes in tropical permaculture, edible landscaping and herbs.  Contact us for more information.

La’akea Workshop Facility: La’akea facilities can host permaculture and sustainability classes, workshops, and other events that are in alignment with our community vision.  Contact us for more information.

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