The island of Hawaii has many fascinating and wonderful treasures, one of these is La’akea Community.

La’akea Permaculture Community is a living model of responsible stewardship of the land by a loving and joyous group of people. It is a prime example of how modern life can be lived in harmony with the natural world that supports and nurtures us.

We have innovative gardens, food forests, and inventive structures with personable and knowledgeable tour guides. Founded in 2005, we have been a destination for university and college classes focused on sustainability and have been visited by hundreds of individuals interested in permaculture and community life.

Our tours are from 60 minutes to 2 hours. Our rates are:

  • 60 minute tour – $60 for up to six people, $5/person more than 6
  • 90 minute tour – $75 for up to six people, $5/person more than 6
  • 2 hour tour – $100 for up to six people, $5/person more than 6

Tours cover tropical vegetables and culinary herbs, a wide array of tropical fruits, alternative living models including solar and water collection, as well as permaculture principles and life in an intentional community that is guided by aloha and mutual respect.

We are happy to custom design tours to meet your group’s specific needs.

We also offer Farm to Table tours that include lunch or dinner for an additional $20/person, $100 minimum.

Call 808-443-4076 or contact us to schedule your tour in advance. Allow at least 3 days for us to return your call. This helps us to arrange our schedule to meet with you.

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