Staying at Our Farm

Some guests would really like to share a few days with us to get the feel of our daily life. Please contact us if that is your interest. Please fill out and return the Visitor Information Form so we can better respond to your intentions and needs. Space is limited, so give us lots of notice!

When you visit, as an individual or family, you will be assigned a community member as your liaison. We have a limited number of rustic housing options, and availability depends on how many farm supporters and other guests we are housing at that time. Camping is generally not an option do to the potential of heavy rainfall.


At La’akea, we all cook, eat and meet together in the same central building called our Main House.  There is usually one meal a day prepared by community members for all on the land. We expect that visitors and members all be responsible for keeping it as clean and peaceful as possible.

At this time, we request that guests with young children limit your stay to 2 nights maximum. We prefer to have no more than two visiting children at one time. We request that there be one adult for every child in your party (a 1 to 1 ratio).

It may work for you to join in with the childcare that is already happening. You may ask if anyone would like to take your child for a time, or hire someone at La’akea for childcare.

Please read our Childcare Policy so you understand our Connection Parenting style.

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