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La’akea Permaculture Education Programs

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Introduction to Permaculture

A basic introduction to permaculture principles and practice, with examples of how we are using them on our land. Learn about zones and guilds, and how all elements in a design have multiple uses.

Edible Landscaping

Learn how to plant beautiful gardens that are also edible! We like to walk along our paths and find lots of berries, flowers and leaves to nibble.

Tropical Herbal Medicine

Learn about the various useful medicinal plants in our tropical rainforest area, such as turmeric, ginger, anatto, banana sap, coconut, and many others.

Community Living Skills

Our goal of creating and maintaining sustainable living systems requires co creating, and working together to utilize everyone’s talents. In this process many of us receive the gift of looking at our shadow sides which cause conflict in ourselves and with others. Feelings such as greed, envy, pride, anger, deceit and fear can arise.

These classes focus on understanding ourselves, taking responsibility for our feelings, and communicating openly with truth. We will utilize Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication method.

Holistic Peer Counseling

How can we best help our children, friends and family to stay emotionally healthy in this complex confusing world? How can we keep our cool while they are experiencing emotional, irrational moments, and be really effective in helping them through it?
The classes provide a thorough basic introduction to these skills. It will give you understanding, and tools to more effectively support the dear ones in your life, in the moments they most need your help. We focus especially on those skills which are simple, inexpensive and natural, including effective listening, counseling and self healing. For ongoing personal growth work, this is a great, life changing resource.

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