Our Land & Local Area

Site: La’akea is a 23+ acre property at 1300 foot elevation, on the lush east side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The land, zoned agricultural, is blessed with lots of sun and rain. We have Ohia forest, orchards, gardens and ponds.  A majority of the land has not been developed, some will be available for expanded agriculture, and some will be left wild. The topography gently undulates at 1300 feet elevation and includes a steep and magical cinder cone.

We are located in the sub-tropical rain forest. It is both a magical and wild place. We receive about 150 inches of rain/year, which makes it very green and lush, as well as moldy and mildewy. We are situated at 1300 ft. elevation, which means it is cooler in the morning and evenings (65 degrees or so in winter months) than at sea level. Temperatures range between 80’s during the day and 60’s at night. We live close to nature, and share the land with many birds, ants, mice, rats, mongeese, feral pigs, night-chirping coqui frogs, and yes, some mosquitoes and slugs. (There are also butterflies, owls, hawks, chickens and 7 sweet cats).

We love this property–its fertility and abundance, the gentle light and mist, the arching double rainbows, and the warm sunny days that shine on us. We live “off the grid,” and rely on solar energy and water catchment. We have electricity and potable water in our main house, but none in most accommodations.

Take a tour of our lovely rainforest farm with this slide show (click any image to enlarge),

or watch our video Home in the Jungle.

Local Area Attractions

What is happening in the area nearby? Lots! We are located 4 miles from the town of Pahoa and about 6 miles from the ocean, where there is a beautiful black sand beach.

Other attractions in the area include: Volcanoes National Park with old lava flows to the ocean, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa mountains (over 13,000 feet), natural steam vents, warm ponds, tide pools for snorkeling, farmer’s markets, kombucha bars, performing arts centers and cultural gatherings of many kinds, and other permaculture sites and intentional communities. 

You will find lava fields, caves, hiking, whales and dolphins, rivers and waterfalls… This is one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of the Big Island!

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