2013 Seed Exchange- Videos of the Speakers

We had a wonderful annual seed exchange this year, with a nice big crowd, lots of good food, and some really fine speakers.  Here are the links to the movies of the talks, so you can learn too!

Summary list:  See below for vids

Saving Your Garden Seeds

Raw Dairy Politics and Health

Making Raw Yogurt at Home

Raising Bees Naturally

Making Mead from Raw Honey

Local Non Grain Flours

Grazing on Perennial Greens 


Saving Your Garden Seeds  5:56 mins

Saving your own garden seeds is fun and easy!  Learn about resources for education on seed saving, and how local seed exchanges and seed banks are forming.  Help preserve our genetic biodiversity and grow your own!  A talk by Lynn Howe at the East Side Seed Exchange 2013, Big Island of Hawaii.


Raw Dairy Politics and Health  10:18

Join Diga Kern in an exploration of why using raw dairy products is a wonderful healthy addition to your diet.  A short history of the political reasons why it is hard to get good raw milk, and how to find a source of it near you.  A talk from the East Side Seed Exchange 2013, Big Island, Hawaii.


Making Raw Yogurt at Home   12:23 mins

Learn how to make delicious and healthy raw milk yogurt yourself in this step by step outline of a simple process. With Diga Kern, at the East Side Seed Exchange 2013, Big Island, Hawaii.


Raising Bees Naturally  15:50

Learn how to keep bees using natural, nontoxic methods, and without using any of the standard chemicals. What is the difference between honey, pollen, nectar, and bee bread?  Jen Rasmussen explains how she controls small hive beetles and varroa mites in her hives.  A talk from the East Side Seed Exchange, 2013,  Big Island, Hawaii.


Making Mead from Raw Honey    7:05

Want to make easy, wonderful healthy meads (honey wine) and ginger ales? Natural beekeeper Jen Rasmussen tells you how.

Local Non Grain Flours  11:36


How can we make yummy breadlike foods living in a tropical rainforest, where growing grains is difficult? Join Tracy Matfin in a short exploration of making flour from tapioca root (cassava), peach palms, and taro root.


Grazing on Perennial Greens  7:37

Join Tracy Matfin as she teaches about edible perennial greens for your tropical gardens in Hawaii! A talk from the 2013 seed exchange at La’akea Community.

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