Visitor Week

March 11, 2015 – March 18, 2015 all-day

Open Visitors Week

Some guests would really like to share a few days with us to get the feel of our daily life.  We have made times when we can welcome you and will be available for interacting.

Come stay for up to one week during our Open Visitors Weeks, which happen roughly 10 times per year.  We will have special tours and meetings during those weeks, so that you can get a feel for our lifestyle.  Please plan your visits to correspond with these Visitor Weeks, or just come for a day visit.

If you are thinking of a visit to our farm, please contact us after reading these guidelines. For overnight stays, please fill out and send the Visitor Information Form.

Space is limited, so please give us lots of notice.  Call 808-443-4076

At La’akea, we all cook, eat and meet together in the same central building called our Main House.  There is usually one meal a day prepared by community members for all on the land, and visitors and members are all responsible for keeping it as clean and peaceful as possible.

For more details, see Visiting Us.

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