Winter Internship and Permaculture course were amazing!

Winter was a busy time for us here, with non stop events for a couple of months.  It was amazing, stimulating and rewarding to have 16 people join us for the month of February, and 25 join us for the 2 week Permaculture Design Course in March.  What a high quality of people are coming through these days!

Here are some comments from our interns, and some photos:

“The most valuable thing I will be taking away from this experience was practical knowledge about community living, being with people, supporting myself, others and the community. Also new knowledge about working with plants and soil, preparing food. I also discovered some old intuitive knowledge come out from me when working with food, seeds, soil and plants. People holding the program (the Laakea members) have years of experiences and you can feel that because all is so well organized.

Besides that they provide you with community living tools, love and compassion in practice (morning check-ins, heart sharing,…) It is much more than just about permaculture techniques it is spiritual, heart opening, community living, people, communication,…”

Aleksander L,  Winter 2012 Intern


“The most valuable thing I took from la’akea is          L-O-V-E. Everywhere, in everything, and in every person I met. The plants and sunshine radiated it even more. It showed me how to be my authentic self as a woman, and to be completely open. To stay in a state of bliss and share my feelings openly knowing that I would not be judged but completely supported with open arms, and lots of hugs :). La’akea opened my soul even more and brightened my spirit! I am still glowing! We did so much dancing, singing, sharing, and group exercises that filled us with joy.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, honestly it was the best thing I have ever done. They took your insecurities and helped you build confidence in every supporting way amongst 20 plus people! It was a natural high living in the jungle, barefoot, on the land, and amongst such special and unique people who I cherish as my family now. The bonding that happened over a months time was incredible, I feel as if I have known them my entire life! I love each and everyone uniquely and cherish our moments spent together.

It also gave me such a great perspective on life. That you can touch peoples lives and connect and live off the land together in a warm and positive way, sustainable and off the grid. Enjoying every moment, every minute of your life. Taking time to be conscious and reflect on what is joyous and feels good. That you can slow down and take the time to breathe in the fresh air and take time to be present and BE ALIVE! Everything at la’akea was so incredibly precious and very valuable to me and the transformation that took place for me in a months time in unspeakable.

The permaculture classes were awesome! I had a blast, enjoying what I love most, getting dirty under the sun and strengthening the plants and our mother earth, while gaining so much knowledge. Tracy, Judy, Aniko, and so many others did a fabulous job. It was another chance to bond with the members, talks with Fred on life, machete-ing with Randy and Biko, planting with Judy and Dona. I really got an understanding of what the bigger picture and goal is. I have a great interest in the tropical plants and medicinal uses, and was thrilled when Dona took the time to teach us about all of the different species and their healing properties. Annatto was my favorite, orange healing, of all.

I was extremely satisfied and it was more than I could have asked for. So thank you all, all who taught, and were involved in all of our transformations at La’akea because it was life changing and will never be forgotten. Thank you thank you! So many blessings, I still hear the beautiful conch :)

Love, Light, and Joy!”

Ashley M,  Winter 2012 Intern


“I have noticed that I am saying thank you to everyone a lot more then I did before I went to La’akea. Being transparent is probably the most valuable thing aside from the community and sustainable skills I’ve learned and added to my being. I feel a lot more comfortable expressing my self now, and letting people know how I feel at a particular moment. The people at La’akea really opened me up. This also has made me more comfortable with talking in front of people I am not familiar with. Throughout my whole time in the community I learned about communication. I think you guys are doing a great job with this. I told my friends how much I loved it and how life changing it was.

I was already aware and conscious of many things going on in this world. I knew we had to be more spiritual beings and go back to simpler ways to save this planet and our species. But you guys added so much more onto this growth that I started about 4 years ago. I told everyone how much love you are engulfed by. How much love and positivity was flowing around the air throughout each being. How good it felt to share everything with everyone and be apart of a community who cares so much about their land and each other. How it felt to actually live completely sustainable and being connected with your land everyday. How it felt to live simple and stress free. Going back to our roots, and living in the moment.

I told everyone back at home to go out and do something like this!!!! Because it will redirect your mind instantly. My mind was already redirecting and this place just grabbed that mind an ran with it as fast as light.  Mahalo La’Akea!”

Derek S.  Winter 2012 Intern

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