Fall Equinox Festival Seed Exchange 2012 Report

Report on our seed exchange, Saturday September 22nd, 2012

At La’akea Permaculture Community

We had a fantastic Seed Exchange, with over 130 people attending, lots of trading local plants, and yummy food!  

There were informational tables on GMO food and local efforts for other sustainable practices.

Our panel included Kumu Dane Silva, who did the opening circle invocation, and spoke about how our modern diets create acidity in our body, which creates chronic disease.  





He noted that over 60% of all Hawaiians have diabetes, associated with being overweight.  He said even children are getting diabetes, preceded by asthma a few years before.  He advised eating a more traditional diet including poi and fresh vegetables, and going very light on the meat intake.

Clive Cheetham gave a detailed presentation on growing Taro, and making poi.  He inspired us all to try it at home!  Taro is an excellent food, and the fermentation process makes it even more healthy.

Steven Jacquier gave a very informative talk on the relationship between slugs and rats, and how Rat Lung disease nematodes take advantage of that relationship.  He outlined the research that he is involved with, along with a team of government experts.  He said that they have found up to 7000 nematodes in one slug.  And he told us ways of getting the slugs to fall out of fresh leaves washing with salt water.

Here’s a link for folks seeking more information on the slugs: http://pharmacy.uhh.hawaii.edu/rlw/

We also heard from Cas Vanderwoude on Dealing with Fire Ants.  These tiny ants are the meanest ants we have here, imported from afar, and spreading rapidly via potted plants and mulch distribution.  He talked about the various poisons, including Tango, which is much less toxic to animals than the other products.  He left us some great literature to help learn about them.  Here is a link to more info: http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/ip-lfa.pdf

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