Update August 2022

Aloha Ohana!

While our community lost Prasad as an active member in October we gained Bjorn (Aka David) in April. Amara, Michael, Ananda, Aniko, Biko, JJ, Ruben & I are still active members and Randy occasionally passes by as our inactive member.

The land is looking amazing as we had an unprecedented summer filled with farm supporters and visitors. Amara & Michael traveled to the west coast visiting friends & hosting events, Aniko and Bjorn met up at summer camp while independently traveling the west coast and Biko, Ai’ala,  Ruben & I headed to Minnesota for a trip canoeing in the Boundary Waters for seven nights.

As we come back together we are looking forward to another fun filled winter of activities!  

Spring Camp this year brought a whole new level of expansion in our new culture circle.  Sam & Lisa are still with us and James came back for a few months.  And in October I’ll be co-leading a Permaculture Design Certification Course with Bruce Horowitz.  This will be held at Hawaiian Sanctuary this year.

As you can see….. abundance is present!



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