Update Feb 2022

It’s been a while since we’ve reached out…. I hope this announcement finds you well with your needs for connection, joy and safety coming more into balance.

Here at the farm we’ve been through it and are enjoying coming back into alignment by once again offering workshops, visitations, tours and New Culture/Experimental Culture Camps! We just hosted our 2022 Winter Camp with tremendous success. We were all so cautious and caring for ourselves and each other that we didn’t have anyone even get a cold, which has frequently happened in the past with staying up late and pushing our personal edges to maximize growth, connection and fun!

Our Camps have such a large number of returnees that combined with our La’akea Members a wonderfully supportive container for personal growth and emotional empowerment is created. We have another camp we coming up this Spring – we decided to offer two this year for several reasons:

1- last year we did not,

2- we’ve reduced the size of camp for increased health, security & connection,

3- there were so many registrations for winter camp that we could not accommodate everyone.

Other than that…. we are thriving!

Our members are Amara, Ananda, Aniko, Biko, JJ, Michael, Randy, Ruben, Tracy & David (Bjorn) is a trial member (hopefully soon a member!)

Our dear Prasad died in November of 2021 after a long dance with cancer. We are grateful for the gift of his life and all the amazing ways he contributed to our community physically, emotionally and intellectually. He is buried here, on the hill, near Berni & Peter. Ai’ala and Kai’ea continue to grow up in our midst, being 13 & 14 years of age and in 8th grade. We thank all of you for all the support you have given while they attended the Waldorf school. 

We have an exciting visit this week from an intern from 2006! We landed here at La’akea in 2005 – so it will be fun to share the changes with a friend from so long ago. We have been successfully interweaving our personal lives with cohesive community for seventeen years this March 15th, 2022. 

Until next time!

Tracy Matfin

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