Update Sept 2023

La’akea has been buzzing with activity. We still have four trial members and we’ve gotten to know each other well enough that our business meetings are running smooth. As I mentioned last time, the main house is under renovation.

In 2022 we got caught up with all our debts. No more loan, no more equity buy outs. So we were able to direct the money that came in for much of 2022 to infrastructure upgrades! After years of hearing Cindy & others express excitement about a kitchen upgrade we looked into it. And found…..

To enlarge the kitchen we wanted to enlarge the deck, to enlarge the deck we needed to extend the roof and to extend the deck we needed to remove the old indoor shower house/pantry and to remove the old indoor shower we needed to build a new indoor shower. So …..

We swallowed the fly so to say….

The new bath house is complete! The roof extension complete! The old indoor shower has been torn down!


and…. the new deck is going up.

As a side effect the south facing hillside was also re landscaped. Our beloved herb spiral, created by Joel “wholly jolly”, was disassembled.  The roof repurposed to a covered dining area by the new fire pit. The herb garden moved to the eve of the new roof and a small kitchen garden put in place. Whew! 

Before the roof extension.

Now, we’re in the finishing touches on the deck expansion. Hence the group photo where several of us are standing in an opening.  All this to make the kitchen more spacious. But that’s next year.

Missing: Aniko & Kai’ea (in Hilo) & Amara & Michael (on a plane heading home to La’akea right now!)

In October we will be hosting Liberation.  A 6 day workshop on connecting with our inner child, identifying our imprints, understanding dissociation, exploring protective defenses and learning tools to upgrade our nervous system. I’m excited and curious to see what this is all about- so I’m participating. I’d love to have you join me in this exploration. 

More info: check out Liberation Retreat Hawaii Oct 2023 – Karuna Retreats (karuna-retreats.com)

In January 2024 we’ll be hosting our 2nd annual sufi dance camp. This is a six day gathering for singing dances of Universal Peace and co-creating music &  harmony. When I walked out of the meadow space after the Zikir last year I was one with the stars shining in the milky way above. It was amazing!

Dancing in Paradise, HI (danceandsufiretreats.com)

We’ll also be hosting Wintercamp 2024! Sign up now! I’m very much looking forward to seeing many of you again this year. Registration is open for both of these events so send in your applications!

New Culture Winter Camp (newculturehawaii.org)

Both kids are 15. Wow, what a way to mark time. Kai’ea is attending high school in Hilo and living with his mom, Aniko, primarily in Hilo. Ai’ala is attending HAAS indigital which is in Pahoa.  She’s still at La’akea with her parents. Both of the young adults are excited to drive soon. I remember that excitement myself. 


 I want to write a book. I want to assemble stories about living in the community and I would love to include you. So if you’re interested please send me a description of your stay at La’akea and how it affected you in a big or small way. Please share what you learned or experienced. Any length, whatever details, and if I include what you’ve sent me, I will send you my rewrite. I’m excited to embark on this adventure of looking at the last 18 and a half years of living on this beautiful piece of land with others. Send your story to tracy@permaculture-hawaii.com.

I wrote an article that was published in Awaken on The Spiritual Benefits of Living in Community. Here’s a link:  https://awaken.com/2023/04/the-spiritual-benefits-of-living-in-community/#post/0

We still have time for community barbeques!

What else? A few possibilities for cottage industry are being visited.  Biko is constructing some amazing furnishings from Ohia and mango. He’s really embracing the natural wonder of the roots & limbs. Follow him on Facebook for upcoming photos of his work. 

And Bjorn is very into fermentation.  He’s got kombucha, hot sauce and yogurt.

Teresa is experimenting with daikon kimchee.

Amara just completed her book on Holistic Peer Counseling.  This is an essential life skill for living with others. See https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Hand-Trade-Holistic-Counseling/dp/B0CH25LZFW/

I’m certain there’s more to come.

Soooo much love!


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