Update Nov 24, 2023

I’m experiencing a satisfied, full belly conclusion to an epic two days of collaboration!
Thanksgiving- we did our best to reclaim gratitude & connection from a historical event of subjugation by focusing on food from the land, family & friends.
We decided to create an imu, a traditional Hawaiian method of using steam & heat in a shallow pit lined with rocks to slow cook food. The last imu we did was over six years ago, either for a Puna Pono Fundraiser or a Seed Exchange, I cannot remember. It’s been so long we needed to dig a new pit.
Then we collected firewood and yesterday we had a big fire to heat the pit & the rocks. After about four hours we scooped out most of the coals, dousing them with water to create some lazy man’s biochar, lined the pit with banana stalks, then banana leaves, then ti leaves and put in the food!
We had five ulu, five large Kalo, 1 tray diced sweet potatoes, 1 turkey, 1 pig harvested that morning and 3 pig legs from the freezer! 115 lbs of pork! On top of the food we placed more ti & banana leaves, palm fronds, blankets and finally a tarp. Then we walked away…
Today we uncovered our food at 3pm, 22 hours after closing it up! Sooo yummy!
This was definitely a group effort. I’m very grateful to my fellow community members and the other residents here at La’akea community. Thank you Biko Long Björn Maynard Prem Ananda Thank Matfin Marion Sinniger Rick Sherman Teyo, Serra, Ruben, Andrew, Nathan Buckley & Amanda.
Finally we gathered for to enjoy the harvest with other friends & family- thanks Janice Johnson Amara Karuna Haridas Michael Holwell Aniko Michele Willoughby Patrick, Sam, Heidi, Jasmine, Diga & Norris!
The best part? Well the food was fantastic…. but the best was connecting with the land through the harvest & the cooking, connecting with each other throughout the collaborative process and enjoying each other’s company through conversation & music!
We steamed a turkey!
scroll through the images below to see the whole process!
Sending greetings to all! 
Tracy Matfin


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